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As a leading content marketing agency in India, OptMum Digitals wants to help your business be part of these impressive stats. We know how important content marketing is nowadays, and we’re here to make sure you succeed in it.

The ability to connect with stories is one of the most cherished traits of being a human. Whether they are ancient stories being passed down through generations or videos on social media channels, stories have been a major part of our lives. In the digital space, content marketing uses storytelling to engage, educate, and inspire audiences. With the huge increases in the consumption of digital content, since the global pandemic, the importance of content marketing is becoming obvious. Let’s see what content marketing has been doing:

  • 73% of B2B marketers and 70% of B2C marketers use content marketing in their overall strategies.
  • With approx. 62% less cost, content marketing produces valuable leads when compared to conventional channels. Also, It generates 3x the number of leads.
  • 50% of marketers said that content marketing plays a crucial role in fostering loyalty among their current customers.

Type of Services We Provide To Get You There

Emails and Newsletters

Newsletters and emails are content-promoting tools primarily because they allow direct contact with the customers and make meaningful bond formation. The content of your e-mails will be made with this knowledge in mind. We make the most engaging message and subject line all of which have been tested and proven to work. Through monitoring the responses of your audience, you will be assured that your customers will keep coming back and therefore make the system work for you.

Videos and Webinars

Videos provide a visually interesting way to capture your audience’s attention and keep them engaged for a longer time. Moreover, videos and webinars allow giving a sneak peek of your products and concepts more compellingly compared to any text-based content. At our agency, we leverage this potential of videos and webinars to get to your audience. Our content marketing services excel in creating engaging pieces of video content that will surely resonate with your target audience.

Blog Writing

Although blogs may seem outdated, their impact is still strong. They're still a highly useful tool for regularly sharing information with your audience and showcasing your expertise. Blogs can bring out curiosity and interest and make them take prompt action. We can assist you in developing your blog from the ground up. From brainstorming to research and finally writing, we take care of every aspect.

Social Media Marketing

In the course of events, social media marketing can be effective if used in the right way. It builds a dialogue with your clients directly. At a time when it is increasingly difficult to build trust, social media channels provide a platform to earn trust and form lasting and engaging relationships with the perceived audience. Whether you want to get attention or make a good impression, we do the handling for you! By using custom strategies, creative copy, exciting visuals, and advertisements we will tell your brand’s story.


Whitepapers are super important in business, especially in B2B because they show how knowledgeable and expert you are. We excel in doing the research and writing needed for them. Our whitepapers as one of the content marketing services, cover everything from coming up with ideas to doing research, writing, and designing. We can turn a popular blog post into a detailed whitepaper or start from scratch on a new topic – it's up to you!

Press Releases

Press releases are not merely stories about what your business does, instead, they create a narrative. Therefore, they must be carefully written to keep your brand and reputation strong and connect with people. We make sure to do all of this by using the right words and absolutely great timing.


Copywriting is a writing technique that is made of compelling and inspiring content which will make your audience understand and partake in the offered activity. In our content marketing agency, writing powers us to rivet people’s attention and to give information about what is essential. With thoughtful messages, we produce high-quality content that goes beyond simply informing; it also captivates readers, improves brand perception, generates brand loyalty and boosts sales.

Website Content

The website is the interface you use to meet with customers and educate them about your brand, product and services So that's exactly what we will do for you! We will create great website content to keep your visitors coming back and to help you accomplish your business goals. Our meticulous plan will produce content which will rank on search pages so that people you want to reach will easily find you.

How We Do It?

Our content marketing services are transparent. You tell us your expectations and we bring that to life. Following is the process we take your business through

Research! Research! Research!

We use expert tools (Google Analytics, AHREFS, etc) for comprehensively:

Create Content

Expanding on research outcomes, we:

Promote and Distribute

Directing traffic to created content via:

Track, Assess, Refine and Improve

Use tools such as SEMRush and Google Analytics to:

Explore What We Have done

We have served over 100+ Clients Across the Globe, do check out our portfolio to know more about deliverables and quality!

Why Choose Us?

When you want to get your message out there in the crowded online world, picking the right team to help with content marketing is key. Here’s why you should choose us:

Our Happy Clients

True Testimonials comes from Result!

Client Success Stories

Let’s look at how OptMum’s transformational graphic design services work in two compelling case studies.

In the case of Simply Farm Fresh, we faced the challenges of rebranding, B2C transformation and creating an online presence. OptMum Digital worked with them to develop a holistic strategy that included logo design and website development. The result was a unique brand identity and attractive packaging being loved by the end users.

Another OptMum Digital case study is that of Caribou World. We focus on creating a website that is easy to navigate for your users. Through modern and user-friendly website development, we presented the brand identity of Caribou World and its product offering.

These case studies show that OptMum Digital is committed to delivering custom solutions that drive success in the digital space.

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frequently asked questions

Content marketing is everything from creating and sharing interesting pieces of content. This can include posts, blogs and videos which will let people know your business, retain their attention and get them interested in what you do. Your content out there will help in making connections with people in a meaningful way and turn them into happy customers.

Content marketing is among the well-performing marketing tools that bring more people to your website, get them interested in what you do and help turn them into your loyal customers. In this way, it helps your brand get trusted, increases your sales and makes your business more successful.

OptMum Digital is one of the leading content marketing companies in India because of the results we bring to the businesses. We will support you with expert guidance in presenting a personalised content marketing strategy. You can avail of our services that we take pride in such as creating content, optimising it for search engines, sharing it with your audience, and tracking its performance to help you achieve your business objectives.

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