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If done appropriately, Local SEO can result in around 14.6% conversion. As a surprise to many, this conversion rate is eight times higher than traditional marketing.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO means a comprehensive process of enhancing the online presence of a business to increase local brand awareness, visibility and traffic. Any business that serves a particular geographic region or has a physical location can benefit from local SEO.

Benefits of Local SEO for businesses

One of the primary reasons to rely on Local SEO marketing strategy is that in the internet era, most consumers look for a product or brand online (mainly on Google) before buying. Studies suggest that more than 76% of consumers adopt this practice. Hence, brands use local SEO marketing to be in front of the target audience when they look for products and services online. But, is this the only reason that attracts businesses to use this strategy? Definitely not.

Several other benefits of Local SEO as listed below attract businesses to use this marketing strategy.

  • Improved local visibility
    Local SEO helps brands to target a specific geographic area and enhance their online presence in that area to attract local customers. This increases online traffic and also local foot traffic.
  • Increased website traffic
    Local SEO empowers businesses to enhance website traffic and allows them to focus on their local potential customers. It allows you to target local audiences and redirect them to your website, eventually increasing sales.
  • Geographical relevance
    Another advantage of Local SEO is that it improves the online visibility of a business in a specific geographic area. This ensures their online visibility in local search results that attract nearby customers and boost foot traffic in addition to enhancing the chances of conversions.
  • Improved user experience
    Local SEO optimises a business’ online presence for local searches that improves user experience. It facilitates easy navigation, promotes positive reviews and ensures accurate business information making it convenient for local customers to engage with your brand and improve their overall online search experience.

Why is Local SEO significant?

Local SEO marketing is gaining immense popularity among businesses paying attention to enhancing their online presence. Following are some of the advantages of Local SEO, making this marketing strategy highly significant for brands’ online presence.

  • Assists in targeting people searching for local businesses
    Local SEO marketing strategies allow brands to be visible to the target audience near their target area or geographic location. These strategies are a perfect combination of local SEO tactics and keyword research that efficiently attracts local traffic to a website and drives more customers towards the brand.
  • Empowers your brand to reach more customers
    Local SEO ranks your brand’s website on top in the search results of people searching for your products or services. It makes your brand visible to thousands of people across local boundaries. However, the increased visibility of your brand will only be possible if the adopted Local SEO strategy is appropriate.
  • Enhances your business’ reputation
    Online presence and top ranking make your target audience believe in you. When they see your business in Google searches, they will also see your existing customers’ reviews, allowing them to know more about your products and services and help them trust your brand.
  • Ranks your website better
    Although each Google search shows several result pages, the one that matters is the first one. To attract more traffic and make your target audience aware of your brand, your website must be displayed on the first page of every search related to your products or services. The right Local SEO services can help you with this in the most appropriate way.

What is included in our Local SEO packages?

On-Page Local SEO

On-Page Local SEO informs Google all about your business. Our team incorporates elements in your website like header and meta tags, keywords, page load speed and image alt tags to make your website search engine friendly and attract traffic.

Local citations

OptMum Digital finds local citations a crucial factor for Google ranking as it provides your website authority and enhances trust. Local citations involve linking your website to high authority and relevant sites and blogs for better rankings.

Multiple locations

Our Local SEO services also involve developing different website pages for different locations. These pages help increase brand awareness in each location, increasing traffic from varying target regions.

Keyword research

Another component of our Local SEO package is local keyword research that involves finding keywords mostly used by people to search products or services online near them or in any specific area. Local keyword research helps know what your target audience is looking for.

Positive reviews

It also involves using the Google reviews from your customers the right way. Managing Google reviews allows potential customers to trust your brand.

Relevant and unique content

In the digital era, content is the king. However, unlike other agencies, we do not believe in posting plenty of content without paying attention to its quality and relevancy. We use unique content with well-placed keywords to bring customers’ focus to your website. Our team of content and copywriters helps create compelling content. 

Google My Business profile optimisation

Lack of adequate information about your business on Google My Business profile is a significant drawback for your brand and can keep your business from showing up on local maps. To prevent such situations, we optimise your listing to increase the chances of high local rankings.

Competitor SEO Analysis

OptMum Digital strives to keep you ahead of each of your competitors, and to make this possible; we thoroughly analyse your competitor’s website based on several aspects like content quality, backlink profiles and website structure to understand their strengths and weaknesses and keep you ahead in Google rankings.

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Strategies used by OptMum Digital for Local SEO

Location Page

One of the first strategies used in our Local SEO packages is to include location pages on your website if you have any local branches. Such pages have proper business details like name, contact details, working hours, address, routes, promotional offers and client testimonials. We also include a Google Map on the location page to make it convenient for the customers to visit you.

Local Content

We also have content related to your specific industry, like industry news and local topics related to your industry that might be important for the customers. For example, if your brand is hosting an event, we update the announcements and content related to the event on your website to attract more traffic and keep your target audience informed. Google recognises this and rewards your website with top rankings on SERPs, resulting in more clicks.

Online Reputation Management

Even if your website ranks better, a negative online reputation can drive away existing and potential customers. To prevent you from such a situation, we manage your online reputation by optimising your Google My Business profile, managing Google reviews and verifying facts and displacing rumours.

Why hire OptMum Digital for Local SEO services?

OptMum Digital’s Result-Driven Approach

Local SEO is one of our strong pursuits and most trusted services. The OptMum Digital team uses advanced strategies for this marketing strategy to help businesses build a strong online presence for local searches. Although we have served numerous brands over the years, two of the most prominent examples include our Local SEO services for Bachpan School and Shivam Tent House.

We have increased the ROI for Shivam Tent House 7.5 times every month and for Bachpan Play School we have increased it 3 times month on month. We have optimised their websites for local searches. Our local SEO efforts have significantly attracted customers towards Shivam Tent House. The same goes for Bachpan School as our local SEO efforts have increased admissions fivefold within two months.

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frequently asked questions

In local SEO, the time it takes for your business to rank can vary widely. Factors like competition, website quality, and optimization efforts influence this. Generally, significant improvements can be seen in 3-6 months, but achieving top rankings may take 6 months to a year or more. Consistent efforts in optimizing your website, creating quality content, and building local citations are key to faster and sustained rankings.

OptMum Digital Marketing excels in local SEO due to our tailored strategies for businesses in your area. We focus on optimizing your online presence for local searches, ensuring high visibility in local directories, maps, and search engine results. Our expertise in local keyword targeting, review management, and citation building sets us apart, driving targeted traffic and boosting your rankings for increased local customer engagement and conversions.

Customer reviews and ratings are critical for local SEO as they directly impact a business’s online reputation and visibility. Positive reviews build trust and credibility, attracting more customers and improving search engine rankings. They also provide valuable feedback for businesses to enhance their products or services. Higher ratings and positive reviews signal to search engines that the business is reliable, leading to better visibility in local search results.

Yes, OptMum Digital specializes in local SEO services for businesses in the retail sector. Our strategies focus on optimizing your online presence to attract local customers, improve search engine rankings, and boost foot traffic to your physical store. With our expertise in digital marketing and local SEO techniques, we can help your retail business reach its target audience effectively and drive growth in your local market.

Absolutely! Local SEO targets specific geographic areas, making it highly effective for businesses looking to attract local customers.

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