TUF (Tushar Ummat Fitness)

Increase local visibility in one months through our GMB Services

The Client

TUF’s mission is to assist people alter their life in the simplest way imaginable. We think that everyone has the right to a healthy lifestyle. Getting fit and healthy does not have to be tough, but due to the abundance of conflicting and contradictory information available, many people find the process tedious and confusing.
TUF Fitness Studio’s A-class services help to solve these issues in Gurgaon.

The Objective

TUF’s set out with the goal to establish an organic presence on SEPRs. To make this a reality, the following objectives were laid down:

- Improve Organic Ranking
- Increase Organic Click Share
- Improve Sessions

The Challenge

With to the online space oversaturated with brands selling traditional clothing, Manyavar was on a mission to rank for generic competitive keywords such as “Wedding Dresses for Men,” “Sherwani,” “Kurta Jacket,” and “Engagement Dress for Men”, that too, in the Top 5 positions.

The Solution

With these challenges and objectives in mind, a well-rounded strategy was formed to take the website’s SEO health and performance to the next level. It consisted of the following measures:

Ensure Google bots are able to crawl the website properly
Increase internal links across the website
Improve ranking for all non-brand keywords
Create and Optimize landing pages based on the upcoming festivals
Earlier we observed that Top Navigation Structure was not proper and there were issues like:

1. Irrelevant Anchor Text
2. Anchor Text linking to incorrect URL
Based on Search Volume Analysis, we recommended new Top Navigation with proper Anchor Text

The Result

After implementing this, we were able to achieve Top 3 ranks for multiple competitive keywords

Increased organic rankings in Top 1 Positions by 610%
Increased organic rankings in Top 5 Positions by 55%
Increased organic click share by 51%


Increased organic rankings