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Google Ads PPC is renowned for its quick results in digital marketing. A trusted report suggests that the average click-through rate (CTR) for Google Ads is around 3.17%. It also shows that  the average conversion rate is around 3.75%. Some of the most significant reasons contributing to the increased CTR and conversion rates include precise targeting, real-time data, and pay-per-click pricing. When compared with SEO strategies, Google Ads are considered much more effective in offering instant results as SEO takes around 4 to 6 months to show notable results. The same goes with Social Media Marketing as it shows only 1-2% engagement rates. 

In the digital era, Google search ads play a significant role in helping businesses increase their conversion rates and strengthen their customer relationships. One of the main reasons behind the increasing significance of these ads is that today, customers rely on search engines to find whatever product or service they need. Most individuals find paid search ads extremely useful in their quest for services and products. As a result, your business ad’s visibility is crucial to attract customers. 

You must have heard the term Google PPC advertising numerous times, right? But what is it, and most importantly, why does your business need it right away? The most prominent reason to use this marketing technique for your business is that it features your ads whenever your target audience searches on Google for the products and services you offer. This advertising medium is a catalyst for boosting website traffic and conversions. To help you learn more about what Google ads are and why they are crucial for your business, the OptMum Digital team has come up with this blog. It will introduce you to Google ads and their significance for your business’ growth strategy. 

What are Google ads PPC?

Google ads are the game-changer in the world of digital marketing. They are the ads that appear in the Google search results of a potential customer whenever they search for products and services the same as your business provides. These ads appear in the form of sponsored links, and the advertisers use a pay per click system to bid on specific keywords for these ads. Hence, whenever someone searches with these keywords, the ads pop up in their search results. 

Google ads are your tickets to skyrocketing your sales, website traffic, brand recognition, leads, in-store visits, and audience reach. These ads allow you to target only the people searching for your products and services. Also, these are pay per click ads, meaning you have only to pay when someone clicks your ad. This system empowers you to advertise your business with no minimum ad spend required, offering you full control over your budget.

We hope the above section of this blog has introduced you to what Google ads are. Now, let’s move on to the next section of this post, which will shed light on the importance of these ads for your business growth. 

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Different ways Google ads help your business grow

Google Ads PPC is the most trusted digital marketing technique as it offers high ROI. Studies show that the ratio of return and investment on Google Ads PPC is 8:1. This means that every $1 spent on these Ads offer a return of $8. This ratio can be achieved by just spending around $10 to $50 on the Google Ads campaign. 

Reading and knowing about Google ads is convincing enough to adopt this marketing technique for your business. However, we understand that as a business owner, you must think thoroughly before making any investment. Investing in Google pay per click advertising is no different, and you must know how it will help your business grow before deciding. So, continue reading to learn about the most significant ways these ads help.

Enhances customer reach

One of the first and most prominent ways Google ads help grow your business is by increasing your customer reach. These ads appear in the search results of potential customers when they are in line with their interests. These ads display on the screens of your target audience at the most opportune times. As a result, your customers or potential customers will get the information they need at the exact time they need. As soon as your Google ads go live, you will get updates on visitor data that will allow your advertisers to evaluate the efficacy of the keywords in use and make changes if needed. These ads will help you reach more people and convert them into customers. 

Helps grow your business

Google highly influences the purchase decisions of consumers today, and Google ads can help your business to use this search engine efficiently. Whenever a person searches for keywords related to your business, your ad will appear at the top of their search results. This will encourage them to explore your brand’s website and learn about your offerings. Statistics show that 50% of the individuals who click on a Google Ad make a purchase immediately. Even if they do not purchase immediately, these ads increase your brand recognition and awareness, increasing sales and eventually growing your business. 

Allows evaluating competitors’ strengths and weaknesses

Another way is that these ads allow you to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors by comparing your Google ads with theirs. It would be best if you had high-quality ads to outstand your competitors’ ads, as users are more likely to explore and purchase products from businesses with reliable online presence. You can see your competitors’ ads and learn what they are doing better than you. You can also evaluate the ads to know where they are lacking to optimise your ads to stay ahead of them.

Simple to customise and tailor to your needs

Google ads allow you full freedom to customise them to your specific needs, unlike conventional channels. They also allow you to obtain accurate real-time results and data on visitors like user behaviour, conversion rates, website traffic and demographics of the people who accessed your app or website. This data will help you improve your ads and website to make them more engaging and informative for your customers. 

Google Ads PPC has shown itself as the fastest online marketing medium for every industry. Unlike usually believed, this marketing medium is suitable and effective for every business regardless of its industry and size. For example, studies show that businesses in the consumer service industry experience an average conversion rate of 6.64% for the Google Search Network while for Google Display Network it is around 0.98%. Similarly, the Google Search Network shows 2.81% conversion rates for the E-commerce industry and for Google Display Network it offers an average conversion rate of 0.59%. These statistics clearly indicate that Google Ads PPC is the most effective online marketing technique. 

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Google ads are revolutionising the world of digital marketing. Today, every other business is relying on these ads to increase its brand recognition and sales. If you also look forward to utilising Google ads for your business’ growth, do not wait anymore. Contact us today to get our trusted Google PPC marketing services to grow your business. 

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