The massive hit of 2024 for OptMum Digital! A meet with Google India.

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Belonging to a burgeoning field of digital marketing, we at OptMum Digital were invited as industry leaders by Google, India for its inventive event- Map The Way India. Getting recognised as vanguards of the digital marketing industry brought us the massive bundle of joy in 2024.

The event was organised to push companies towards the new path of business through new tools and geospatial data. The meeting involved Google Maps Platform collaboration with Lepton software. A company that uses digital maps and location analytics to bring life to over 80% of enterprise data with location attributes. Lepton Software provide businesses with innovative location intelligence solutions utilizing expertise from geospatial projects. Their other areas of focus include remote sensing, telecom, and digital transformation projects making it a versatile and inclusive approach.

Since we love staying up the ladder and follow trends, how could have we missed such an opportunity? A direct meet up with Google Map team and learning about their progressive leads was indeed an exciting experience.

The event organised by two tech giants aimed at bringing us closer to our clients through maps and help them locate us easily. We learned how geospatial data can help our clients experience growth through new tools and solutions. Google’s belief in the power of maps extends far beyond navigation. For them and now for us as well maps have the ability to tell stories. While unlocking insights and connecting people it is intended to transform businesses. In order to unleash the potential of location solutions for our company and your convenience, they brought together leaders and industry specialists from throughout the area. Which was indeed an impressive move. We did not see this initiative as a one sided locus of growth but a synergetic effort to uplift everyone.

This event is definitely a success in India due to its meticulously planned blueprint to penetrate in the growing markets of India. India is a cluttered space for various industries that require extensive interaction of businesses. Therefore, the event used strategies to understand the challenges in India and emphasised on the growth of startups, fintech, insurance and many more industries through untapped locations.

We were also introduced to Google partners who are equally enthusiastically involved in the initiative. They demonstrated us the details and the solutions they have built on Google Maps Platform. They highlighted the advantages a business can leverage through such integration.
Being a part of such an enlightening event allowed us to see our business in new light. As digital market experts our major interaction with clients depends on the internet. Learning about this platform helped us recognise ways by which we can augment our productivity. We aim to become a homely name for every new startup that seeks engagement. Thanks to Google Maps Platform and their team that made us familiar with the latest updates and discovered how they can transform our company with tech savvy solutions.

This in-person geospatial event arranged to network with industry leaders and experts helped us learn about the latest trends through interactive workshops. We managed to build space for collaboration with others to explore the potential of mapping and geospatial technology to elevate our business and shape the future. The future that belongs to you and us.

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Why did Google invite us?

OptMum Digital has been a promising name in the field of digital marketing and has been in the industry since its initial days. We have seen falls and flights of different brands and have supported growth of our clients. Our confidence and efforts have led to the establishment of our stance in the market. OptMum Digital is a reliable brand and thus Google trusted us.
Being in a space of productivity with various businesses and understanding their ideology is one big facet of the corporate climate, however the bond we share with our clients is unmatched.

Thus we seek your constant allegiance and deliver a promise from our side to walk with you your every step towards success. Hand us your digital marketing tasks and we will never disappoint you. Our team of experts await connecting with you.

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