This amazing feature of Google my profile business listing is going away. Read today!

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Google is shutting down one of its amazing chat features for businesses. The feature will begin to culminate on July 15 and will finally end by July 31. Google Business Messages came out as an all-inclusive business messaging solution that helped organisations foster client loyalty and increase consumer trust.
It included features like suggested replies, carousels, and images. Users could interact with brands through a variety of entry points, including Google Search, Maps, Ads, and the brand’s channels. The tool became an accessible mode of connecting with clients however with Google’s new initiatives for business profiles, the feature is being dislodged.
The announcement was sent to companies via email, highlighting Google’s resolve to continue being a beneficial partner in business management. Meanwhile, they have also recognised the decision’s possible hardship which will not affect the business flow much.

The email reads:

“We are reaching out to share that we will be winding down Google’s chat feature in Google Business Profile on July 31, 2024. We acknowledge this may be difficult news – as we continually improve our tools, we occasionally have to make difficult decisions that may impact the businesses and partners we work with. It’s important to us that Google remains a helpful partner as you manage your business and we remain committed to this mission.
Google will stop creating new conversations after July 15, and chat functionality will fully end on July 31. Please note, customers will still be able to find and contact your business via Google Search and Maps – and learn more information about you from your website links, business descriptions, photos, and anything else you share on your Business Profile.”

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The profile chatting tool on Google Business is going away.

Changes to Google Business Profile Chat is soon being phased out. Google has highlighted that this expatriation is a part of its ongoing efforts to streamline its services. In this process Google has not forgotten its adherence to its users and has highlighted alternate solutions for the same.
To aid businesses in this transition, Google has offered two options: retaining chat history through Google Takeout and Inviting customers to alternative chat solutions for seamless conversation continuation. These steps aim to streamline the platform’s offerings and provide better services in upcoming updates.
Google is still dedicated to giving businesses a platform to control their online presence and engage with customers, even though the chat feature will no longer be available.

Take notes:

15 July 2024- Google Maps and Google Search will no longer allow new chat conversations with businesses.
31 July 2024 :Google Business Profile chat functionality will be discontinued, resulting in no new chat messages or access to call history.
Download your chat history before it gets deleted. All Connectyour important conversations can be downloaded so that you don’t miss any important details.

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